Why Choose a Nature Hotel in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s Arenal region offers a wide array of accommodations, from hostels and Airbnb to houses and hotels, each providing unique experiences and adventures to visitors. However, nature hotels like Heliconias Nature Inn offer a unique blend of comfort, sustainability, and immersive experiences that leave long-lasting impressions.

Heliconias Nature Inn – A Haven Amidst Arenal’s Beauty

Heliconias Nature Inn stands out among Arenal hotels for various reasons. Our comfortable accommodations are complemented by delicious, locally-sourced cuisine. We boast access to a lush rainforest, soothing hot springs, and a variety of tours that bring you closer to Costa Rica’s stunning biodiversity.

Our brand of hospitality is rooted in warmth and authenticity, distinguishing us from the myriad options available in the region.

A Tranquil Retreat Away from the Hustle and Bustle

One of the highlights of Heliconias Nature Inn is our location. We are not situated directly in La Fortuna – the busy hub where cars and crowds often congregate for activities. Instead, we’re just a 20-minute car journey away.

This means you can partake in all the adventures La Fortuna offers and then retreat to a tranquil haven, devoid of distractions. Here, the only sounds you’ll hear as you unwind will be the soothing ‘lullaby’ of the forest, away from any troubles or preoccupations.

Experience and Savor Costa Rica with Heliconias Nature Inn

In conclusion, there’s a significant difference between simply visiting Costa Rica and truly experiencing it. When you choose Heliconias Nature Inn, you’re opting for the latter. We invite you to savor Costa Rica in the best possible way – with us.

If you need information or assistance you can contact us by e-mail at info@heliconiasnatureinn.com or WhatsApp us at https://wa.link/heliconiasnatureinn.

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